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Past NJ Law Review Updates

April 2018


Two Noteable Decisions...

Court imposed discovery sanctions on the plaintiff for failure to appear at an IME.

New Jersey Superior Court Appellate Division determined that an Offer of Judgment Attorney Fees was barred by a High-Low agreement.


September 2017


Can plaintiff’s attorneys and/or their paralegal assistants attend, videotape or record a defense independent medical examination? 


July 2017


Virginia Plaintiff denied personal injury protection benefits pursuant to the Deemer Statute


May 2017


Our New Jersey Courts have recently decided two cases of interest.


December 2016

Whether an untimely motion in limine resulting in dismissal of the case, if granted by the Court, violate plaintiff’s right to due process of law.

October 2016 

Was an Insurer Acting in Bad Faith When it Rejected Arbitration Award?


January 2016

Statute Regulating Step-Down Provisions Does Not Apply Retroactively


December 2015

Workers' Compensation Division Has Primary Jurisdiction Over Employee/Independent Contractor Distinction Though Not Exclusive


October 2015

Defendant found not liable under the mode of operation theory when a patron slips on a phone calling card that was discarded outside of the defendant's store on the sidewalk


July 2015

Is a commercial landlord liable for death due to water-borne Legionnaire's disease?


May 2015

Is New Jersey Transit, a Public Entity, Required to Provide Uninsured Motorist Coverage to an out-of-State Uninsured Plaintiff Involved in a New Jersey Accident?


April 2015

Are eyewitnesses required for the plaintiff to establish a dram shop claim?


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